Monday, June 16, 2014

Murder at Rudhall Manor E-book Giveaway - Two Winners

Contest has ended.

The Winners were:  

#1 - Kimberlee

#2 - Rita

CONGRATS to both winners, and thank you to all who entered.

Murder at Rudhall Manor is a humorous murder mystery set in Regency England. You can see a short description below:

A murder and a theft have been committed at Rudhall Manor. A box of jewels has vanished and Lord Sedley, a lusty old aristocrat, has been stabbed six times in the chest.

It is all very mysterious, and the Sedley family and the servants have decided that Miss Lucy Anne Trotter, a recently employed governess, is to blame for the unfortunate events.

The legendary and wickedly handsome Marquis, Lord William Adair, learns of the matter and decides to uncover the truth.

Lucy, however, has little faith in blue blooded creatures—even if they possess dashing good looks— and accompanied by two naughty pugs and a moody raven decides to investigate and unmask the killer herself.

But the hunt for the killer turns out to be far more complicated than she anticipates—what with snooty servants, warts in odd places, mixed up love affairs, agitated chickens and dreadful disguises ruining her plans.

Soon she begins to wonder if, for once, she is in over her head ….


Sounds quite good, don't you think?  

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  1. Best of luck to everyone.

    The book looks so cute. :)

    THANKS for stopping by.

  2. This book looks like so much fun! I will definitely have to try it but I think I may have to get it in paperback form just because the pug's face cracks me up every time I see it! Thanks for sharing!

  3. He is quite cute isn't he?

    If you want the e-book, there is only one entrant so far. :)

    THANKS for stopping, Katherine.

  4. It looks like a cute, lighthearted cozy. Thanks for the opportunity!

  5. It does look so cute.

    Thanks for stopping by, Rita.

  6. I love the cover, love pets so much.

  7. I know...the cover is adorable.

    Thanks for stopping, Marjorie.