Friday, November 21, 2014

The Bracelet by Dorothy Love

Diamond. Emerald. Amethyst. Diamond
                      = D. E. A. D.

A bracelet that mysteriously appeared on Celia Browning's nightstand was a bracelet she thought was from her fiancee, but once she saw what the individual jewels spelled out, she knew it wasn't good.

​Celia Browning was the daughter of a wealthy merchant and a descendant of a family member who died in their home about 20 years ago.  The death was​ said to be a suicide, but others believed it was a murder. Now just when she was finally going to be wed to her childhood sweetheart, nosy newspaper men began to question what happened and began causing trouble by printing articles in the paper, having people follow and frighten Celia, and leaving mysterious notes and gifts in the  house.

Celia couldn't tell her father about any of these odd situations because he wasn't well.  Her cousin, Ivy, was the only one who knew about the mysterious note but not the bracelet.  Who should Celia tell, and when should Celia tell someone?

Could her uncle really have murdered his wife?  What was this incident that happened so many years ago, and why does someone want to dredge it up again?​

THE BRACELET gives the reader a glimpse into wealthy households​ ​and appears to be about the Browning family and how they fit into society, but underneath all of that, ​it is a murder mystery that Celia needs to solve for her own peace of mind. 

Are there family secrets and perhaps a murderer hidden within all that southern hospitality and charm? Does a red diary with clues truly exist and have the answers to the 20-year-old mystery?

​THE BRACELET was an enjoyable, clever read with just enough suspense to keep ​you guessing about who the culprit is that was sending gifts and leaving notes and who it is that wanted to ruin the Browning family but why now?

I enjoyed THE BRACELET because of the setting and the time period.  Ms. Love definitely gave a perfect portrayal of wealthy, Southern life in the 1800's along with the added bonus of intrigue about the murder.  The ending is definitely a surprise and quite a good one.  

Don't miss reading THE BRACELET. 4/5

This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation by the author and pubslisher in return for an honest review.


  1. THE BRACELET was quite good.

    The characters were authentic, and the storyline kept my interest.

  2. Oh, this one does sound enticing! Thanks for sharing...

    And here's mine: “FINDING JAKE”

  3. It was very good, Laurel.

    The murder mystery in a wealthy Southern home made it even better. :)

    Thanks for stopping.

  4. I know...the cover pulled me in as well as the summary.

    Thanks for stopping, Sheila.