Thursday, May 4, 2017

Giveaway and Spotlight of All The Best People by Sonja Yoerg

Join me in welcoming Sonja Yoerg!!

All information below is courtesy of Danielle Dill and Penguin Random House

An intricately crafted story of madness, magic and misfortune across three generations from the author of The Middle of Somewhere and House Broken... 

Vermont, 1972. Carole LaPorte has a satisfying, ordinary life. She cares for her children, balances the books for the family’s auto shop and laughs when her husband slow dances her across the kitchen floor. Her tragic childhood might have happened to someone else.

But now her mind is playing tricks on her. The accounts won’t reconcile and the murmuring she hears isn’t the television. She ought to seek help, but she’s terrified of being locked away in a mental hospital like her mother, Solange. So Carole hides her symptoms, withdraws from her family and unwittingly sets her eleven-year-old daughter Alison on a desperate search for meaning and power: in Tarot cards, in omens from a nearby river and in a mysterious blue glass box belonging to her grandmother.
An exploration of the power of courage and love to overcome a damning legacy, All the Best People celebrates the search for identity and grace in the most ordinary lives.

Over the last few years, Sonja Yoerg’s name has become synonymous with quiet family drama that spans generations.  With her debut House Broken, Yoerg studied the emotional effects of an alcoholic mother and family secrets. Last September, Yoerg explored a troubled, young widow who hiked the wilderness to elude her shameful past in The Middle of Somewhere. Now, in her upcoming novel. Yoerg examines three women’s search for identity and the power of family legacies.

A haunting exploration of courage and love to overcome a shameful legacy, ALL THE BEST PEOPLE celebrates the search for identity and grace in the most ordinary lives.

Sonja Yoerg has been hailed as “on par with established women’s fiction authors such as Jennifer Weiner and Sarah Pekkanen” (Library Journal) and ALL THE BEST PEOPLE only builds on that reputation. 


May 4 - May 11

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