Tuesday, August 13, 2019

The Winemaker's Wife by Kristin Harmel

France, wine, WWII, present day, and love - all of this wrapped into one amazing, difficult-to-put-down read.

We meet Inez, Celine, Michel, Thor, Liv, and Liv's French grandmother, Edith, as the story moves back and forth in time.

We find out about the lives of the winemakers during the war and a secret that grandmother has kept for many years as well as a connection that the vineyards, a restaurant, and the characters have to both time periods and to their lives.

Grandmother Edith was my favorite character…mysterious and stubborn all rolled into one.

Liv was likable as well.

Inez, Celine, Michel, and Thor were interesting, and their wine tunnels were fascinating.

We learn more of the war, the resistance, the French people involved in the resistance, and how the danger of making one simple mistake could alter the safety of many people. 

THE WINEMAKER’S WIFE is another marvelous, intriguing read about the resiliency and determination of the French people and the entire European population.

Those of us who were not living during this time, do not have any idea of the horrors and hardships endured by the European people.
Ms. Harmel weaved a beautiful tale filled with authentic characters and a story line that kept me turning the pages to learn more as well as cry with the characters.

Absolutely LOVED this book. Do not miss reading this book.  5/5

This book was given to me as an ARC by the publisher via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.


  1. A marvelous read.

    I hope everyone gets a chance to read this book.

    Thanks for stopping.

  2. I can tell you loved this! It's going on my wish list.

    1. 😍😍😍😍

      Oh...I did love it.

      Enjoy when you read it, Kathy.

  3. A "wife book!" Sounds like a great one.

    1. If you enjoy historical fiction, you won’t want to miss this one.

      Thanks for commenting, Judy.