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The Affliction of Praha

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If you like gripping historical mysteries packed with brutal twists and turns, then you won’t want to miss this dramatic and period-perfect depiction of the early 20th-century in the heart of Europe.

It’s 20th-century Czechoslovakia… and murder comes knocking.

The Teralov family are loved and respected by everyone in Prague, adored for bringing prosperity and hope to its downtrodden people… so nobody expected to find Peter Teralov inexplicably murdered in the streets.

To quell the uproar, expert Soviet detective Edgar Rollenvart soon finds himself tasked with hunting down the one responsible and bringing the killer to justice. He’s confident he can unravel the mystery behind Peter’s killing – despite the mysterious absence of evidence.

Teaming up with Peter’s brother, Edgar embarks on a twisting and impossible case that will take them through the streets and cities of early 1920s Czechoslovakia. As the number of suspects mounts and the evidence seems to go nowhere, Edgar soon realizes that the mystery behind this case runs far deeper than meets the eye.

The Affliction of Praha is a gripping historical mystery novel set with period-perfect detail in 1920’s Czechoslovakia. After Peter Teralov, a member of the revered and much-loved Teralov family, is found inexplicably murdered by the side of the river Vltava in Prague, the entire city is in uproar. Top detective Edgar Rollenvart is tasked with uncovering the identity of the killer – but as he soon learns, there’s much more to this case than meets the eye.

Filled with twists and turns, this gripping novel takes Edgar through the streets and cities of the early 20th-century in the heart of Europe, with the complex web of lies and deception threatening to stump even the master detective. The Affliction of Praha is a must-read for all fans of mystery and historical fiction books.

Simon Gillard is an author with a passion for mystery novels and history alike. He works as a Network Engineer in the IT industry, and he also spent two years in Slovakia, which inspired him to craft The Affliction of Praha and use the nation’s rich history as its setting. When not writing, Simon enjoys reading, motorbikes, skiing and music. He currently lives in London with his beautiful wife and their young daughter.

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