Thursday, October 7, 2021

The Fault Between Us by Bette Lee Crosby

Can it really be that Templeton married after she vowed she would never marry…well until she met John on the trolley.​​

Am I really Mrs. Morehouse?

A whirlwind romance and reservations by her parents and even herself followed Templeton to the altar and to California….three thousand miles from Philadelphia.​​

She gave up her loving family and her business, but she knew that’s what she wanted.​​

Things in San Francisco were wonderful, and Templeton drew designs and found a shop owner who could help her sew the dresses.

Things were looking up…she just hoped she wasn’t expecting. She couldn’t wear her designs and show them to prospective customers if she didn’t fit in the dresses.​​

Templeton was so obsessed with her business, that John felt neglected.  She realized that he wasn’t ready like all the men of this time to have a woman with a career.  

She needed to make him feel as if he were the most important thing in her life. It made her sad, but he was the most important thing in her life.​​

Ms. Crosby has given her readers another marvelous story with characters you will love and admire except for Charlie.

I loved Templeton’s determination to make her business work and to show the city that a woman can make it in business.  Such fun hearing about the dresses and the work involved with her new fashion lines.​​

She then asked herself again? Could it all work if she were expecting?  

It was all working out until the earthquake happened in San Francisco while she was in Philadelphia and she could not get in touch with her husband, and then she had to worry about her father because he went to look for John.

Master storyteller, Bette Lee Crosby, will have you feeling everything the characters are feeling and have you glued to the pages.​

Thank you for another heartfelt, splendid book.​​  5/5

This book was given to me by the author via BookFunnel in exchange for an honest review.


  1. Do not miss Bette’s newest.

    Fantastic as always.

    Thanks for stopping.

  2. I have definitely had my eye on this one. Great review!

    1. Her books are ALWAYS amazing.

      I hope you get to read it, Laurel.