Saturday, February 12, 2022

Shadows of Pecan Hollow by Caroline Frost

Abandoned at birth, many foster homes, and unknowingly kidnapped by a "kind" man.

Kit was thirteen and tired of her foster care.   She ran away again, was starving, and stopped at a gas station.  While there she spied a bag from McDonald’s inside a Mustang.  She reached for it, but a man reached for her.

Manny took her with him, and she was surprised how nice he was to her, but was he really nice?  She wasn't used to people treating her kindly.

He was nice for a while, and Kit didn’t know the life she was heading toward.  She turned in to a thief and con artist.

Kit and Manny’s life was always on the run.

We are with Kit while she is with Manny and after she isn’t.

SHADOWS OF PECAN HOLLOW flows easily and is very descriptive.  You will be right there with the characters experiencing their feelings and the places they take themselves. There are some upsetting parts, violence, and abuse, but all in all very good.
A very well written, outstanding debut.  You will be pulled in from the start.

Did you ever read a book you didn’t want to put down or couldn’t wait to get back to? SHADOWS OF PECAN HOLLOW is that book.

Those readers who enjoy Southern fiction and a main character you definitely will feel for will not want to miss SHADOWS OF PECAN HOLLOW.  5/5

This book was given to me by the publisher for an honest review.


  1. Absolutely LOVED this book, but I’m sure you can tell!! 😊

    I hope you get to read it.

    Thanks for stopping.

  2. Great review.
    I’m hoping to read it soon.

    1. I am sure you will love it too, Linda.

      Enjoy, and thanks for commenting.