Tuesday, June 11, 2024

The Paris Widow by Kimberly Belle

What kind of business was Adam in?  How could his wife Stella not know?

Adam and Stella were taking a three-week European vacation that ended in Paris.

As they were ready to head back to the hotel, Adam said he forgot his sunglasses at the restaurant and heads there.  Stella heads back to the hotel.  A few minutes after he leaves Stella, an explosion rocks the entire area.

Was leaving his glasses an excuse to get back to the restaurant to do something more sinister than pick up the glasses or did someone spot him and caused the explosion which was for him?

Stella is stunned but unharmed, but where is Adam?  

Will she be alone in a foreign country to deal with all of this on her own?

Is she in danger now?

But the main question is what has Adam been up to for all these years?

You will find out as Ms. Belle beautifully describes Europe and keeps your attention with the tension and unraveling of all that's going on.

Readers are never disappointed in a Kimberley Belle book, and the surprises will have you saying what?? 

Don't miss it.  5/5

Thank you to the publisher for a copy of the book.  All opinions are my own.

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  1. Another great read by Kimberly Belle.

    Hope it is in your TBR.

    Thanks for stopping.