Friday, February 4, 2011

The Other Life by Ellen Meister

Happily married, pregnant for the second time, medical issues with the pregnancy and maybe with her husband...he was discussing the medical issues with everyone but Quinn.  Quinn was beside herself because everything seemed to be going wrong with her life, and most of all she couldn't get over the temptation to slip through to the other life.  
This other life...the life where she could talk to her deceased mother and her ex-boyfriend Eugene...not the life she was leading now where her mother and Eugene were absent.  She knew she shouldn't go there, but she couldn't help it.  When she slipped into the other world, she could forget for a little while.
Every time she saw a fissure in a wall, in a fireplace, in the matter where it was...she felt the pull and the need to go through the portal to the other life.   She always returned after "the trip," but was never satisfied that the disappearance into the other life would be her last...she just couldn't make it her last trip…the urge was too powerful.  Whenever Quinn slipped through the portal, my concern was that she wouldn't be able to get back to the present life.  :) 
The book told the tale of Quinn's life/lives that included her son, Isaac, her husband, Lewis, her brother, Hayden, and her nosy neighbor, Georgette.  They all had issues of their own and all seemed to rely on Quinn for help....little did they know that Quinn could use some help herself. 

The book will keep your interest and is what I am going to call on the other side of different along with many choices none of us wants to make in our life. :)  My rating is a 4/5.

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