Friday, January 28, 2011

Call Me Irresistible by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

A high-profile wedding, second thoughts, a friend to confirm these second thoughts....all these provided the incentive to call off the wedding. But would the bride's friend, Meg, be sorry she even mentioned to Lucy that perhaps she shouldn't marry Ted especially in a town where the groom was the mayor and could do any number of things to make things difficult for Meg?

And what a rough time Meg did have...Ted was brutally cruel to her; he never showed that side of him to the citizens of the town.  Ted was everywhere Meg was. He knew she didn't have any money to leave town, and he also made sure no one would hire her.  She was food, no place to stay, and no one to help her.  Meg was so happy she saw what Ted was really like and that her friend didn't marry him.

Since Meg couldn't leave and remained in the small Texas town, she decided to make some mischief of her own which got all the aristocratic Texas ladies in an uproar.  But would her decisions backfire on her, make things better, or cause a never-ending pain in her heart?

You will love the book...a sensual storyline, and let's not forget wealth, jealousy, and greed.  The characters are easy to love and easy to hate.

Phillips has authored another winner!!!

Giving it a BIG TEXAS 5/5....LOVED IT.


  1. Hi Elizabeth! I've seen this book before and was curious about it! Thanks for the review. I will have to put it on my TBR pile!
    I'm looking forward to a new year of reading awesome books!

    Hope you're doing well and Happy New Year!

  2. The storyline does get better after they hook up (you anticipate good changes for their relationship), but then it goes downhill when he confesses his feelings about Lucy. All I can think is both main characters are idiots. The guy should be more appreciative, and the girl should have higher expectations and standards. I also don't find the guy's sudden epiphany very convicing, more anti-climatic and lame. There are too many other characters as well, piquing interest in their stories, yet not well developed, causing more of a distraction for the reader from the main storyline. I will say it's a better read than Match Me If You Can, but overall, I think this author does not appeal to my heartstrings.