Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Change by Anna Y. White

The author kindly sent me an electronic form to read.

Every high school students' graduate and head to college.

Natasha's dream was crushed when she didn't pass the exams....she had to stay behind and do more embarrassing.

But....her father had her apply abroad, and she was accepted. The excitement wore off as soon as her parents left her in a country where hardly anyone spoke English or Russian.  The first week was awful and she was about to give up and go home when she met the girl who loved Pink.  :)  The fun of this new girl lasted for about a day...she was spoiled and had to have  her own way, and she loved to spend money.  Natasha was very conservative...I hope this works out she keeps thinking. worked out to the extent that everything had to go Veronica's way.  What a way to enjoy college with a selfish roommate who partied and never studied like she did but still passed the courses.

The book held your interest, but it will be of most interest to college students and those currently going through these situations.  The characters were developed, and you could create an image of them for yourself.

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