Wednesday, January 12, 2011

To Have and To Kill by Mary Jane Clark


"It could have just as easily have been your precious Glenna as Travis York last night."  Page 102

The murder of Travis York...a soap opera star at a charity auction caused a lot of alarm and definitely publicity.  Who could have done this?  Was the poisoned drink really for him or someone else?  What about the letter Glenna had received before the auction?   These questions and a lot more were left unanswered, but one question was definite...someone had been plotting this crime whether the correct person had become the victim or not. 

The crew of the soap opera as well as hundreds of other mourners attended the funeral in St. Patrick's Cathedral.  As Peggy the costume girl sat in the service, she remembered the person she saw handling the poisoned water.  She decided to confront that person and tell them what she had seen. 

Being the nice person she was, Peggy didn't want to go to the police if she really wasn't sure that person had been the murderer....she would give him/her a chance to turn himself/herself in.  She would feel awful if she hadn't been correct and had ruined someone's life.   But was it going to be Peggy's mistake by confronting the person?

The book keeps you guessing until the think you have it figured out, but then...ah ah....another clue pops up. 

I enjoyed the was a fast-paced read with characters who had interesting lives...sort of soap opera lives...great parallel on the author's part.  The mystery wasn't nail-biting, but it was enticing enough to make you curious about the outcome.  My rating is a 4/5.

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