Friday, January 21, 2011

Sometimes I Feel Like A Nut by Jill Kargman

Perfect title for this book....the stories were definitely nutty.   Events from childhood, college, and beyond...the stories just kept coming. 
Jill told stories about everyday happenings and her likes and dislikes....imagine having gasoline as your favorite smell.  Once it was mentioned, her observations and memories had you recalling a story about yourself and a similar situation.  The glossary at the beginning of the book was quite funny and set the tone.  My favorite section was titled Obsessed/Detest...and Yes...I did google “teratomas”....Page 85  :) 

The brief sections were funny and creative and talked about circumstances that we hate to happen, but they do.  My obsession with cohesion in a book made it slightly challenging to read, but if you enjoy little vignettes compared to a full plot you will take pleasure in each of the stories.  The little drawings added to the book's hilarity as well.  

The book will definitely make you laugh.  I really enjoyed it, but I did have one objection....the use of a certain word.  My rating is 4/5 only because of my preference to a full plot.  Happy Laughing.

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