Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Defector by Mark Chisnell

Games, drugs, risks, and lots of illegal money....that is what Janac was made of, and what he underhandedly pulled Martin into whether Martin wanted in or not.

Martin had flown to Thailand because of his guilt from a traffic accident, a girl, and the loss of his lucrative job.  Martin had been a successful financial banker until an accident that ruined his life.  He wasn't in this accident, but he had been the cause of it and the cause of the deaths of eighteen people.  You will like Martin and feel his agony and concerns about what he unintentionally got himself into with Janac and how he realizes there is no way out.

Janac is someone you at first think is going to be a good friend since he saved Martin from some thugs.  It turned into exactly the opposite...Janac was evil and someone to be feared and someone who made it lethal and fatal if you didn't comply with his requests. You will hate Janac as quickly as you were thankful for his appearing on the scene to rescue Martin.

Janac is a player of dangerous mind games.  The "games" Janac plans for Martin and others get more dangerous each time, and Martin can't escape Janac's grip and power.  Much to Martin's disgust, the games continue with nothing he can to do but comply.

The first and recurring game Martin's fate was hinging on was a game called:  The Prisoner's Dilemma.   This game involved decisions of choosing to care only for oneself or caring for others with major consequences for either choice.  Janac's games were a means of control that gave him the power he wanted and gave his "victims" no choice but to play along.

Martin described the evilness of Janac like this:  "I can't convey the nature of that voice.  It was beyond bad, beyond threatening, beyond evil.". Page 57

THE DEFECTOR is an outstanding thriller right until the last never know when Janac or any of his counterparts may appear or who really is working with him.  It is all about control, cruelty, and payback in the name of money and drugs.  You will follow Martin through all of the terror and hope he makes the correct decision in Janac's games.   

This book has a decision after decision plot.....decisions that yield only an outcome of life or death.....nothing in between.
So, dear reader, you have no choice but to read this book….make that very smart decision.  You won’t regret it….gripping, intense, intriguing. 5/5


  1. If you love thrillers, this book is for you.

    It was excellent!! Couldn't put it down.

  2. Wallflower sounds like the book for me. I love reading and book reviews are one of favourites.
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  3. I'm not much into thrillers myself, but then since I've begun writing my list of reading genres has increased. So who knows. Thanks for the heads up on this book.

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  6. The Defector sounds like a great thriller!

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  7. This book was very good.

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  8. Ooh, I love a story that keeps you guessing!

  9. Great review! I'm off to check out your other reviews, too :-)

  10. Sounds like one of those books you can't put down!

    I envisioned myself curled up in a warm blanket with a cup of tea as I read the review- I was there; that reflects how skilled a writer you are, Silver! You're great at what "you" do - you pull a person in!