Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Post-College Guide to Happiness by Bryan Cohen

This book is very inspirational, has great advice, and humor as well.

The way the book is organized and the sub topics for each chapter keep your interest and truly make you think about the comments and advice and how these suggestions take a little effort but are definitely worth trying.

The ending of each chapter had mental "workouts" to help you get on track and gave you guidance for trying each idea....a very creative idea.  

The entire book was uplifting, and made you feel good after completing a chapter.  You definitely won't be a pessimist after reading this book.  

This book is not time consuming  and is without a doubt  one that makes you realize that changing your life is worth the happiness you will feel in the long run.

I definitely enjoyed trying the mental workouts….I need to do more and not miss a day.  In my opinion, your brain is pliable no matter how old you are, and this book isn't only for the youngsters.  Give it a will be happy you did....and you may be happier than you ever thought you could be.  I am working on it.

Thanks for the copy of your wonderful book, Brian.


  1. My brain always enjoy's a good mental workout; and the additional happy feeling that comes with it is a plus!

    Much success to the author!

  2. This sounds like a perfect gift to give a college grad. What a great review!