Sunday, May 27, 2012

Review and GIVEAWAY of A Story of the West by Susan Spence


The author is hosting a giveaway of her book.

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Roping cattle, trading horses, living in log cabins, cooking on a wood-cook stove, an all-purpose store in town...... you will experience all of this as you turn the pages.

A STORY OF THE WEST follows Matt Daly, the owner of the D Rockin' D cattle ranch, through cattle drives and through his daily life and gives a wonderful explanation of a cowboy's life at home and his travel from one open field to another rounding up cattle.  I enjoyed the account of how the towns sprung up and how folks knew exactly where to put saloons and all-purpose stores to help the West become populated.  The description of the stores, the ranches, and the daily life was very vivid and made you feel as though you were experiencing all of it along with the characters. 

Life in the 1880's included the difficulties of cooking, bathing, and staying warm in the winter. This life was a lot of hard work and also a difficult life for the citizens as the West was being developed, but all of this was a part of a settler’s daily living. You will also be a part of Lavina and Matt’s love story as well as the life of the rough cowboys and gunfights in the lawless towns.  You will vicariously live through all of this and enjoy the story through the great depiction by the author. 

Ms. Spence did a wonderful job recreating the development of the West and portraying what family life was like during the 1800's.   The story had suspense, colorful characters, and interesting facts that kept you reading.  Matt Daly’s story, along with all the people he met, was merged in a very engaging way throughout the entire book. 

I thoroughly enjoyed A STORY OF THE WEST.  We should all be interested in how our country was developed and be thankful for these pioneers that lead the way and for their taking the brunt of all the work and determination to create towns that were the beginning of what we have today.  

American history buffs will be delighted with all these accounts.  And.....remember....this is "how the West was won" and how our country grew. 5/5 for the GIVEAWAY that will run from today until June 10:


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