Friday, September 14, 2012

Book Blogger Appreciation Week Day 5


Today is the last day of my FIRST Book Blogger Appreciation Week.  I wasn't sure I was able to join in since I missed registration, but one of our wonderful bloggers, Trish, told me I could join in.

I am so happy she let me know.  I had a great time.  I enjoyed meeting so many new bloggers and visiting their awesome blogs.

My favorite part of this week was both Day 3 AND Day 4.  

Day 3 allowed everyone to see the creativity, the fellowship, the super blogging community, and to learn a lot about bloggers we have never met and more about bloggers we already knew. 

Day 4 added so many books to my TBR stack, but I loved it.

I am looking forward to next year's Book Blogger Appreciation Week.




  1. This was my 1st year participating in BBAW & I enjoyed the week as well. My favorite part was doing the interview swap! I've also enjoyed becoming more acquainted with other book bloggers too.

  2. Those were my favorite days too. It's been such a good week. I am glad I was able to take part.

  3. So glad you were able to join, and I'm happy to have met you and read your blog.

  4. Thank you for the lovely comment. It was my first year doing BBAW, so it was great to feel accepted into the community!!
    Roll on next year I say!
    Happy Reading

    Emma :)

  5. I also found out late that BBAW was on, so haven't taken part beyond following the proceedings from the sidelines.

  6. Maybe you can participate next year.

    It was fun, Parrish Lantern.

    THANKS for stopping by.

  7. It has been a fantastic week. I'm glad you were able to take part! I'm glad to have met you and found your blog! :)

  8. This was such a fun week of blogging. I'm so excited to have discovered so many new (to me) blogs.

  9. Glad you decided to take part, and glad that we found each other! Already looking forward to next year! :)

  10. Here is the website of the Classics Club that you were asking about on my blog!

  11. What a fun site! I clicked over here from Julia's Word Nerd. Your first picture is beautiful - did you take it? I had another question about the typewriter picture. Did you have to ask to have the pic or were you able to grab it? I'm wanting to revamp the look of my blog...and I love the photo :)

    Anyway, glad you had a good blog week and keep writing such great reviews!

  12. It's been a great week that's for sure. Glad you enjoyed your first BBAW!