Thursday, October 4, 2012

Lighting Candles In The Snow by Karen Jones Gowen


When we finally do meet the parent/parents of the person we are in love with and want to marry, will it make a difference after seeing what the family is truly like?  Seeing Jeremy's home with his mother hidden among all the debris was something to consider, but Karoline was so in love at that moment that it didn't make a difference.   She decided there is a reason for everything.

LIGHTING CANDLES IN THE SNOW was written with families in mind, and the writing style was very good and kept my interest.  The book took you through the trials and tribulations of Karoline London before, during, and after her divorce.  The wonderful recipes included at the end of each chapter were a nice addition.

You were able to feel Karoline's emotions and see the pain or happiness she was going through.  It brought to light the fact that where we come from in terms of family and upbringing has a major impact on our lives and can't be denied.  

LIGHTING CANDLES IN THE SNOW was mainly about feelings and having to deal with any type of crisis that occurs in our lives.  The book was very well written and the characters came from the heart of the author and to me were "real life" characters.  It did draw you in and kept you curious to see what was going to happen. 

The theme brought out things we may have to deal with in our lives whether it be a parent, a sister, or a husband and how things that happen to us as children, teenagers, and even as an adult affect our lives for a long time.  The ending pages told it all, and in this case why Jeremy was the way he was.  
4/5 – it just isn’t my normal genre, but I am glad I read this book.

This book was given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.