Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Edge of the Earth by Christina Schwarz

From a privileged childhood home to a home in a lighthouse. Quite a change from what Trudy was used to, but she loved her husband even though her parents didn't approve of her choice of her spouse. Trudy didn't see her husband as being the person he really was until later in their marriage, but she was in love and no one could tell her otherwise. 

The lighthouse was isolated, and the life was lonely for her. The only company she had were the Crawley's four children whom she taught and Mr. And Mrs. Crowley, the husband and wife who were the other lighthouse keepers.  Mrs Crawley was very strict and unpleasant and had an intriguing secret.

The book is slow at the beginning, but once you get to Page 80 you won't want to stop reading.  The descriptions are very vivid and put you in the cove and among the waves with the characters and the strange hermit who lived and took things from the beach and the lighthouse inhabitants.

You will share Trudy's loneliness but also envy her for being in this interesting, inspiring place. You will learn about sea creatures as well as the life of folks during that time period and how they had to wait for months in their remote home for letters and food.

It wasn't a riveting, action-packed book, but the appealing characters, the detailed descriptions of the lives of the characters and their surroundings, the different, very engaging storyline,and the work done by Trudy will definitely keep you interested.

Perhaps as I did you will re-read the beginning pages to truly understand what those pages actually meant and how they were connected to the rest of the story.  Re-reading helped to give more meaning to the book's premise.

Despite the slow start, I thoroughly enjoyed THE EDGE OF THE EARTH.  The cover itself will draw you in.  4/5

This book was given to me free of charge and without any compensation by the publisher in return for an honest review. 


  1. An interesting book. Great storyline.

  2. Great review. Will definitely add to my to be read shelf.


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  3. I've wondered about this so I'm glad you liked it (despite the slow start).

  4. Great review, Elizabeth.
    This book sounds fascinating.

  5. This looks interesting. I keep saying that I want to grow up to be a hermit - living off somewhere lovely by myself :)... definitely right up my alley. The cover IS lovely as well.

  6. I can see how re-reading the beginning would have helped. I listened to the audio so I wasn't really able to go back and reread at any point so I was a bit confused for quite some time. But I sure loved this story!