Thursday, October 24, 2013

Interview with Jac Wright


  Jac Wright
Welcome to Jac Wright 
author of 
The Reckless Engineer

Love is a Battlefield.
The aftershocks of an affair reverberate out to those in the lives of the lovers, who will NOT take it lying down.
Jack Connor's idyllic life in the Portsmouth countryside with billionaire heiress wife Caitlin McAllen is shattered when alluring Michelle, with whom he is having an affair and who is pregnant with his child, is found dead and Jack is arrested for the murder.   Jeremy Stone brings a top London attorney to handle his best friend’s defense.

I haven't read this book, but it sounds very good.  

The excerpt above definitely is a great teaser.

Jac Wright is a published poet, published author, and an electronics engineer educated at Stanford, University College London, and Cambridge who lives and works in England.  

Jac studied English literature from the early age of three, developing an intense love for poetry, drama, and writing in Speech & Drama classes taken every Saturday for fourteen years, and in subsequent creative writing classes taken during the university years.  

A published poet, Jac's first passion was for literary fiction and poetry writing as well as for the dramatic arts.  You will find these influences in the poetic imagery and prose, the dramatic scene setting, and the deep character creation.

1.  Who are your favorite mystery/suspense/thriller series characters?

The talented Mr. Ripley created by Patricia Highsmith. (What a unique character!)

Cormoran Strike created by J. K. Rowling. (You can’t help but like the big oaf even though he is a very cliché character. )

The Lincoln Lawyer, Micky Haller.  (Very colourful character.)

2.  Complete this sentence: "I am a mystery author/crime novelist/thriller writer and thus I am also..."

I am a mystery author/crime novelist/thriller writer and thus I am also a literary fiction writer, a poet, and an electronic engineer.

This is one aspect of the culture at Stanford when I was a student there, the idea that you need not be pigeonholed into just one area of talent.  You can be a “Renaissance man” who can excel at many things that are considered the opposites of each other.  This idea liberated me from my limited self-image and allowed me to start writing.

3.   What kinds of questions/feedback do you most enjoy (or least enjoy) receiving from readers?
Anything that is not too personal.  I like them to focus on the work than on me personally.

4.  Tell us something about your book that isn't mentioned in the publisher synopsis.

Jeremy Aiden Stone, my series lead in The Reckless Engineer, lives my dream life.  I also live it through him.


5.  Give us a summary of your book in a tweet (140 characters or less).

“Love is a battlefield. The aftershocks of an affair reverberate out into those in the lives of the lovers who will NOT take it lying down.”


6.  What is next for you?

I have two more stories half written: 

The Bank Job (Summerset Tales #2) 

Buy, Sell, Murder (The Reckless Engineer #2)

I have started the fifth, In Plain Sight, with just the plot and the main characters designed and only the first chapter written.  It is a stand-alone full-length book.

I should like to finish and publish all three next year.



It was my pleasure to feature  you on my blog today.

THE RECKLESS ENGINEER sounds terrific.



  1. It does sound good.

    Hopefully I will get to read it.

    THANKS for stopping, Midnight Cowgirl.