Friday, October 11, 2013

The Nine Fold Heaven by Mingmei Yip

If you enjoy intrigue, adventure, and a walk through someone's life that includes a bit of espionage, you won't want to miss THE NINE FOLD HEAVEN.

The main character, Camilla, definitely led a captivating, dangerous life.   The book walks you through the pain of her losing her only child, walks you through her quest to find her child, and also walks you through her methods of trying to steer clear of the gang she once was a forced part of. 

THE NINE FOLD  HEAVEN is narrated by Camilla and will keep you totally absorbed in her story.  She is involved in some pretty harrowing situations.  Her character is very deep and thoughtful as well as chilling. She would kill you as fast as she would love you.

THE NINE FOLD HEAVEN will pull you in, will sit you down, and will sail you away on an Oriental adventure filled with love, hatred, cunning deals, an abundance of Oriental thoughts, superstitions and sayings filled with words of luck and/or doom.

I enjoyed THE NINE FOLD HEAVEN. The story flowed nicely, with the added bonus of vicariously living Camilla's life.  All of this was masterfully carried out.  It felt as though you were in her shoes or her disguises feeling the fear of the situation or the warmth of her love for those closest to her.

I have never read a book by Ms. Yip, but her writing style is enjoyable, smooth, detailed, and absorbing.  This is a sequel to SKELETON WOMEN, but I had no trouble reading it as a stand alone. 5/5

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I received this book free of charge and without compensation from the publisher in return for an honest review.  


  1. This is the first book I have read by this author.

    Good read.

  2. This sounds wonderful! Thanks for your thoughtful review.

  3. It was very good, Pat.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  4. I love books set in other cultures so this sounds like a winner to me.

  5. It is very good, Kathy.

    I hope you get to read it.

  6. Wow 5/5 that top marks. Thank you for a great review.

  7. I also enjoyed this book a lot, so different. colorful characters to say the least!

  8. Thanks for stopping, Irene and Wordsandpeace.

    It was a good book.

  9. I, too, like books set in other cultures, and your excellent review certainly makes this sound like one I would like.

    1. Thank you about my review, Elizabeth.

      Always a lovely surprise to see you stop by.

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    1. You are welcome.

      ENJOY if you read it, Mystica.

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