Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Daughters of Mars by Thomas Keneally

THE DAUGHTERS OF MARS  sounds like an excellent read.  What do you think?

This week marks the 100th Anniversary of the start of World War I.  
Atria Books is recommending Thomas Keneally’s DAUGHTERS OF MARS as an important read regarding this complicated and brutal war.

The trade paperback edition of THE DAUGHTERS OF MARS is available now.


Thomas Keneally began his writing career in 1964 and has published thirty-one novels since.


They include Schindler’s List, which won the Booker Prize in 1982, The Change of Jimmie Blacksmith, Gossip from the Forest, and Confederates, all of which were shortlisted for the Booker Prize.  He has also written several books of nonfiction, including his boyhood memoir, Homebush Boy, The Commonwealth of Thieves, and Searching for Schindler.  He is married with two daughters and lives in Sydney, Australia.


  1. I enjoy historical fiction.

    This sounds like something I would like.

  2. I actually went to look this up on Goodreads, and found I already had it listed on my Wish List!

  3. Thanks for stopping, nfmgirl.

    It does sound good.

    I never did read Schindler's List.

  4. I never read Schindler's List either or watched the movie but I'd like to. This one sounds good too. I think it would make a good book club selection.

  5. It would make a good book club selection.

    THANKS for stopping, Laura.