Tuesday, December 9, 2014

After The War Is Over by Jennifer Robson

Charlotte graduated from an elite college, became a governess,​ worked as a nurse during the war, ​worked in an office with a female boss who was a suffragist, and then​ became a journalist.

​Charlotte's job as a governess turned out to be quite unpleasant, but she did meet a man she could never forget​
but wasn’t able to marry him because of her class.

​AFTER THE WAR IS OVER goes back and forth between Charlotte's younger years as a governess and then her present-day situation.  I do enjoy books that move into the past and then come to the present, but the book dragged.

The cover pulled me in, but the book's content was not that enjoyable for me.​

There was too much about ​social status and not enough of a plot even though the book was mainly about Charlotte's life​.  The writing style was good, but the lack of an interesting plot had me plodding through to see what happened.​  3/5

This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation by the publisher in return for an honest review.


  1. I would be interested to see what others think about this book.

    As you can see, it wasn't a favorite.

  2. Elizabeth, thank you for sharing your honest thoughts with us.

  3. You are very welcome, Suko.

    I can't say I liked a book when I really didn't. :)

    Thanks for stopping, Suko.

  4. sorry this was such a disappointment for you, but I too love the cover.

  5. Thanks, Irene.

    I love covers, and normally the inside matches up with great covers.

    THANKS for stopping by.

  6. I was intrigued by the premise on this one when you first mentioned it but I don't think I have the patience for a slow plodding plot right now. Thanks for saving me some time!

  7. You are welcome, Katherine. I was excited about it too at first.

    I can't say it was awful, but not what I normally like to read. I need more action. It was sort of Jane Austinish. :)

    Thanks for stopping, Katherine P.

  8. I also enjoy books that go into the past and then move into the present.

    Love your blinking Christmas lights. :)

  9. I was excited when I found the HTML Code for the lights.

    THANKS, Gail, and thanks for stopping.

  10. Hi Elizabeth,

    I hope that you are feeling much better now and having a good start to your break.

    I added this book to my 'Want To Read' list, as so many people seemed to have enjoyed it and it featured in so many mailboxes this week.

    Sorry to hear that this wasn't one of your favourite reads to be ending 2014 on and thanks for your honest take on it. I still quite fancy giving it a try, however I won't be rushing to buy it any time soon.

    Thanks for sharing,


  11. I am feeling a bit better...thank goodness...it was awful. Thanks for your good wishes, Yvonne.

    I will be looking forward to seeing what you think.

    Thanks as always for stopping, Yvonne.

  12. Wonderful review Elizabeth. I'm sorry you did not enjoy it as much. I like your Christmas lights on the boarder of your blog!

    1. Thanks, Pat.

      I thought the Christmas border was so cute. As I said in a different comment, I am glad I found the HTML for them.

      Thanks for stopping by, Pat.