Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Long Way Home by Louise Penny

Peter Morrow hadn't returned after the year he and Clara had agreed upon for his return so the search for Peter began. Of course, Armand Gamache was asked to be involved even though he had retired from the police force.

THE LONG WAY HOME has the well-known, well-loved residents of Three Pines we all are familiar with and the residents that make Louise Penny's books ones I enjoy reading.

THE LONG WAY HOME was a bit different from her other books.  Instead of solving a murder, the Three Pines residents were working together to find Peter.

This book was different because of the way the investigation took place.  Gamache actually was not in charge; Clara was.  It discussed muses and different art terms.  It was more about artists than the solving of a regular murder mystery, but the characters as always worked beautifully together.

​I can't say I didn't like THE LONG WAY HOME, but it is quite different from her other books and took a bit of getting used to.  Regardless of the style and plot, though, THE LONG WAY HOME still had the pull all of her books have on you. ​

​Ms. Penny's books usually involve emotions. THE LONG WAY HOME was specifically about happiness, sadness, and finding oneself.​  4/5

This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation by the publisher in return for an honest review.


  1. If you enjoy Louise Penny's books, you should enjoy THE LONG WAY HOME. As I mentioned, it is different from her other books, but the characters make it all worthwhile.

    Thanks for stopping.

  2. I found the different focus of this book to be interesting. I wonder if that will continue to be the case in future books (assuming there are some, which I hope) now that Gamache is retired.

    1. It was different but enjoyable.

      I hope there are more too.

      Thanks for stopping, Dorothy.

  3. Sounds like the author changed it around a little, but with enough of the previous to help readers relate. I guess authors come to a stage when they need to do it.

    1. I agree...she may be going a different direction since the main character retired.

      I love the characters in her books.

      Have you read any of the them?

      Thanks for stopping, Kathryn.