Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Day of the Dead by Nicci French

Frieda Kline is missing because she wants to be missing, and now Lola who is writing her dissertation has gone out of touch.

Lola is writing a dissertation for her criminology class and wanted to write about Frieda and her involvement in police cases and her connection to Dean Reeve. 

Lola’s mentor suggested walking in Frieda’s shoes to get an idea about her.  Lola did just that, but it didn’t turn out too well.  Lola mistakenly and unknowingly came across Dean Reeve, a serial killer who kills anyone who has contact with Frieda, and who still has it out for Frieda. Dean kills others to get to her.

No one has been able to track Dean down.  Dean has been a character along with Frieda in previous books.

Was Dean Reeve back?  Frieda definitely thought so, and Dean made sure she knew.  And...Frieda knew he wouldn’t stop until he killed her.

The book begins as we find that a killer is on the loose.  The murders started with a dead man in a stolen car barreling down a steep hill, and another one was a dead man being burned in a bonfire.  But that wasn’t the end of the bodies. The count kept getting higher, and the bodies followed a pattern.

This is only the second book I have read in this series, and I actually didn’t know it was a series when I read the first one.  I was not lost while reading so it seems as if you can start in the middle...things went smoothly.

I can see why the series is so well liked.  Frieda Kline is a very popular character, but this will be the last book in this series.  Frieda is a bit rough outwardly, but she is actually a good Samaritan that the police always call in for assistance on their cases.  Frieda is also a psycho analyst.

DAY OF THE DEAD is suspenseful, and you will want to tell Frieda to stop being so stubborn about not allowing the police to take total control of this new Dean Reeve’s madness instead of trying to solve it on her own.

Readers who enjoy suspense, twists and turns, stubborn characters, and a killer who knows how to allude everyone will enjoy this book.

My only complaint is that it was a bit long.  4/5

This book was given to me as an ARC
by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.  .  All opinions are my own.


  1. I've become impatient with books that are too long - maybe because I've got so many books to get through? I do want to try this series, though - everyone seems to like it.

    1. Her books are good. Perhaps since it was the last one in the series, they extended it.

      Thanks for commenting, Kathy.

  2. I haven't read this author so thanks for the intro :)

    1. I kept hearing about her and finally was able to read one of her books.

      Thanks for commenting, Mary.

  3. I have loved this series from the very first book, and have all of them. Most of my copies are hardcovers, and I enjoy looking at them lined up on my shelf.

    I like the character of Frieda...she is stubborn and brave.

    I just got my copy of this one yesterday.

    Thanks for sharing...and I hope to read this one soon. I'll be sorry to say goodbye to Frieda, though.

    1. Nice on all the hard copies....I bet they look wonderful.

      ENJOY when you read it, Laurel.

  4. I have not read this author in a long time. But I remember having th same thoughts...books are a little long

    1. Thanks for commenting, recca.

      I did enjoy the ones I read.

  5. The author's name is familiar to me but I can't remember why... Cheers