Monday, March 23, 2020

Books With Year In The Title

All were excellent.

What can you add to this prompt?

All are reviewed on my blog.


  1. Happy Monday!!

    Hope everyone is safe and healthy.

    Thanks for stopping.

  2. Hi Elizabeth,

    I searched my entire Goodreads 'Read' list, my blog reviews and scanned the front row of books on all my book shelves (yes, they are two or three rows deep in places!) and I couldn't find a single book with the word 'year' in the title!

    Well Done you for managing to source three books!

    The only one I could find in my browsing history was 'One Year After' by William Forstchen, although I have no idea why it is there, as it is not something I would typically read, but perhaps hubbie did a search on the site for some reason!

    I nearly left this page without checking out your three books, but unfortunately, I really like the sound of all three of them, so I guess this is the start of my TBR explosion, whilst I am isolated at home!

    Stay Safe and keep in touch :)


    1. You are funny, Yvonne.

      And that is amazing you didn’t have a book with “year” in the title seeing that you are an avid reader.

      ENJOY your new finds, and stay safe and healthy.

      Happy Reading, and thanks for your comment.