Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Too Good To Be True by Carola Lovering

Burke was definitely deceitful.  Heather wasn’t bad at it either.

He knew how to keep secrets, and they were big ones.

We also meet Skye who has her own problem of having an addictive compulsion to count and can't find a boyfriend because of it. Burke solved this problem for her.

Then we meet Libby who became friends with Heather and showed Heather what a good life could be when you had money.

Did the obsession with money have Heather making wrong choices in her life like marrying Burke?

TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE was difficult to keep the characters and even the story line straight at the beginning.  

We meet all the characters in detail in each chapter.

I couldn't tell who was the worst offender when it came to being loyal or being naive.

Burke's chapters had his diary entries, and they showed what a bad person he really was.

Skye's chapters showed how gullible and trustworthy she was and how anxious she was to find a boyfriend even with her gobs of money from a trust fund.

Heather's chapters showed how her sordid life growing up made her want more.

TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE was slow for the first quarter of the book, but I kept reading because I wanted to see how Burke's devious plan would work out.  

Continuing to read was a VERY good decision.

Once the story line got going despite the wordy sections, it kept me glued to the pages with the twists and surprises.

Readers who enjoy domestic suspense will enjoy this book.

The uniqueness and the deviousness of the characters makes it one you don't want to miss.  4/5

This book was given to me by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


  1. Very good review.
    I enjoyed this one too.

  2. Sometimes, patience is key when reading a book. I have, on many occasions, given up on reads because I have the patience of a toddler. Lol.

    1. Exactly...it does take longer with some books.

      LOL on your patience.