Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Shadows of Berlin by David R. Gillham

 Shadows of Berlin: A Novel by [David R. Gillham]

The trauma, horror, and survivor guilt never leave you...Rachel knows it all very well.

Rachel is now in America and married to Aaron, but her time during the war haunts her, and she can't be happy.

We follow Rachel as she can’t help re-living the horror and tries to be a good American wife.

She resents that Aaron has family and she has lost everyone but Uncle Fritz.  She had lived with Uncle Fritz when they came to America until she married Aaron.  Uncle Fritz can be an "operator."  He was during the war and still appears to be.

Rachel goes through her days with the smallest thing reminding her of the war and her crime and speaks to and sees her critical mother.

One day Uncle Fritz who always needs money summoned her to meet him because he found a painting in a pawn shop her mother had painted and one that had survived the war.  The only problem is that they couldn't afford the fifty dollars to buy it.  When they went back to try to get it at a cheaper price, the painting had been sold. 

That photo brought back bad memories, but she wants it.

Rachel doesn't trust her Uncle and thinks he found fifty dollars and took the painting and sold it for more money.

We go back and forth from wartime to present day as Mr. Gillham masterfully blends both timelines and as you are feeling what Rachel is feeling during the horror of wartime and her suffering in present day as she tries to forget and to adapt to her life in America.

SHADOWS OF BERLIN is another gem by Mr. Gillham that will tear at your heartstrings but also have you hoping that Rachel can overcome her nightmares and be happy.  5/5

This book was given to me by the publisher for an honest review.


  1. This book is another terrific read.

    Have you read it!!

    Thanks for stopping.

  2. This looks fantastic. I feel like it might make me cry!

    1. It may make you cry, but it is good.

      Thanks for your comment, Carole Rae.

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    1. Yes...beautiful cover.

      Thanks for commenting, Carole.