Friday, July 1, 2022

The German Wife by Kelly Rimmer


1933 - we meet Lizzie and Henry in the United States and Sofie and Jurgen in Germany.

Lizzie and Henry are children and work on their family’s almost bankrupt farm. Their farm failed, Lizzie married, and Henry was sent to fight in the war.  Lizzie really didn’t want to get married, and Henry ended up with PTSD from the war. 

Jugren and Sofie are well off until Jurgen is forced out of his job at the university because he wouldn’t comply with the German thinking and as a result had to work for the Germans on the rocket program or be without work and/or in jail.

Jurgen didn’t want to be part of it because he knew the rocket program wasn’t really going to be for rockets but for explosives, but Jurgen had no choice.

1950 - we meet the characters again in the United States.

Lizzie and her husband’s home is in Huntsville, Alabama, and Henry lives with them.  Both are not fond of the Germans who are here. The entire town has a difficult time accepting the Germans and their families.

Jurgen has been here for five years working on Operation Paperclip without his family.  When his family arrives, the town is to welcome his family and the other German families, but it is a difficult get together - especially for Lizzie and Sofia.

Sofie tried to explain what they really went through and that they didn’t agree but had to.  Lizzie and others didn’t want to hear it.

Ms. Rimmer did an amazing job of research.  I had never heard of Operation Paperclip/Rocket Program.

THE GERMAN WIFE is simply marvelous...well researched and has a terrific story line.

You will feel all the emotions each character is feeling in both time periods through Ms. Rimmer’s marvelous writing style and learn the difficult times for those who lived in Germany and resisted or spoke out and learn about the Americans who lived here during the depression and through the dust bowl.

Historical fiction fans will not want to miss THE GERMAN WIFE, but be aware readers will also learn of more horrors during WWII and the lingering effects it had on American servicemen. 5/5

This book was given to me by the publisher via NetGalley for an honest review.



Kelly Rimmer is the worldwide, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Before I Let You Go, The Things We Cannot Say, and Truths I Never Told You. 


She lives in rural Australia with her husband, two children and fantastically naughty dogs, Sully and Basil. 


Her novels have been translated into more than twenty languages. 


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Author website:

Facebook: @Kellymrimmer

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