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Spotlight of After Anne by Logan Steiner


Explores the fascinating, bold, and often tragic hidden life of Lucy Maud Montgomery after the success of Anne of Green Gables.
Perfect for readers who enjoy complex and creative female characters, this stunning debut tells the little-known life story of the beloved creator of one of literature’s most prized heroines, whose own personal demons were at odds with her most enduring legacy—the irrepressible Anne of Green Gables. 
May 30, 2023
William Morrow/HarperCollins Publishers 

“After Anne, Logan Steiner takes up the tale of the story behind the story—the life story of the brilliant and complex woman who gave the world Anne of Green Gables. Steiner writes with evident love for her character, an impressive command of the history, and lush language that conjures the gentle sunshine and floral scented breezes of Prince Edward Island. Readers will delight in entering Maud’s world and learning of the heart and mind of this heroine.” — Allison Pataki, New York Times bestselling author of The Magnificent Lives of Marjorie Post

“In this outstanding debut, Logan Steiner delivers a moving, richly detailed and nuanced portrayal of a deeply fascinating woman. Steiner, with a loving hand, lifts the veil of L.M. Montgomery to give us a glimpse of Maud, her strength, her struggles, her quiet courage navigating life as both an ambitious author and a loving friend, wife and mother. Steiner’s extensive research is evident not only in the facts but in the complex emotional tapestry she weaves. Anne of Green Gables fans will sure to delight in this book, but so will any fans of interesting, complicated and clever women.” — Brianna Labuskes, bestselling author of The Librarian of Burned Books

“After Anne is imbued with the love of an author for her character — both on and off the page. Logan Steiner made me want to scurry right back to revisit the Anne of Green Gables books, as well as delve into every one of L.M. Montgomery’s journals.” — Sarah Miller, author of Marmee

“After Anne is the never-told story behind one of literature’s most enduring characters. Logan Steiner’s beautifully written tale of the triumphs and tragedies of L. Maud Montgomery is a captivating read for anyone who grew up wishing they could adventure around Avonlea with Anne of Green Gables.” — Sarah James, internationally bestseller author of The Woman with Two Shadows

   “After Anne is a deeply thoughtful and moving novel about Lucy Maud Montgomery, the author whose imagination and ambition created the unforgettable Anne of Green Gables. With extensive research, compassion and honesty, Logan Steiner paints a nuanced portrait of a woman who triumphed in her professional life despite deeply personal struggles and in a society that expected so much less than she longed to give. A tragic story that also manages to inspire and uplift as we root for Montgomery and celebrate her beloved place in literature.” —Melissa Payne, bestselling author of A Light in the Forest

“This debut is unexpected in all the best ways. It is a book for everyone. The writing is deep and powerful, charming and moving. I found myself highlighting a sentence on nearly every page, knowing I would go back to reread and apply the words to my own life. Logan Steiner understood Maud’s voice and executed it beautifully. She created a world that intertwined fact and fiction in a way that I believe Lucy Maud Montgomery herself would be proud of.”—USA Today bestselling author Ali Dean

"An exquisite tribute to Lucy Maud Montgomery, the revered author who gave us so much scope for imagination. After Anne is for fans who long to know the woman behind Anne Shirley's story. Get ready, this book will break your heart in the most splendid ways.”— Sarah McCoy, New York Times and internationally bestselling author of Marilla of Green Gables 

After Anne is imbued with the love of an author for her character — both on and off the page. Logan Steiner made me want to scurry right back to revisit the Anne of Green Gables books, as well as delve into every one of L.M. Montgomery’s journals.” — Sarah Miller, author of Marmee
“Perfect for readers who love Montgomery's seminal work or other classics like Little Women, with strong female leads who refuse to conform to societal standards or give up their passions.” – Booklist


As a young woman, Maud had dreams bigger than the whole of Prince Edward Island. 

Her exuberant spirit had always drawn frowns from her grandmother and their neighbors, but she knew she was meant to create, to capture and share the way she saw the world. 

And the young girl in Maud’s mind became more and more persistent: Here is my story, she said.  

Here is how my name should be spelled—Anne with an “e.”But the day Maud writes the first lines of Anne of Green Gables, she gets a visit from the handsome new minister in town, and soon faces a decision: forge her own path as a spinster authoress, or live as a rural minister’s wife, an existence she once called “a synonym for respectable slavery.” 

The choice she makes alters the course of her life. With a husband whose religious mania threatens their health and happiness at every turn, the secret darkness that Maud herself holds inside threatens to break through the persona she shows to the world, driving an ever-widening wedge between her public face and private self, and putting her on a path towards a heartbreaking end.

Beautiful and moving, After Anne reveals Maud’s hidden personal challenges while celebrating what was timeless about her life and art—the importance of tenacity and the peaceful refuge found in imagination.


Logan Steiner is a lawyer by day and a writer by baby bedtime. 
Her writing explores motherhood and the creative life—two things she once thought could never happily coexist. 
Logan also writes a Substack newsletter called The Motherhood Question. 
After graduating from Pomona College and Harvard Law School, Logan clerked for three federal judges, spent six years in Big Law, and served for three years as an Assistant United States Attorney. 
She now specializes in brief writing at a boutique law firm. Logan lives in Denver with her husband, daughter, and the cranky old man of the house, a Russian Blue cat named Taggart. 
Her debut novel After Anne will be published by William Morrow on May 30th. 

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