Saturday, April 30, 2011

Better Than Ever, Again by Mitch Davies

Ben was out of work and checked the want ads daily.  A promising, exciting job on a boat was listed one sailor experience necessary....a little suspicious.  He went for the interview and was hired for the position.  After being with the owner and two of the employees, he was second guessing his decision because of their demeanor, but sailing for a year and getting a share of the boat's selling price kept him interested. 

Once he started the job, the boating experience was overwhelming because he didn't have any knowledge of nautical terms, but Ben learned quickly.  He enjoyed most of the traveling especially when they stopped at the ports and tended to the wealthy guests.  One disadvantage for Ben was that two of the crew members were not very interesting or pleasant.

The crew was heading to Honolulu and then sailing around the South Pacific for a year...not a bad job at all, but Ben was still uneasy about how things were being handled.  Day tours seemed to be the order of the day while they waited for Carl, the owner, to return.  The daily lives of the island people as well as the routine of being on the boat made up most of the book's plot along with the tension among the characters.  The characters, landscapes, and scenes were very well described and allowed the reader to vividly experience how the characters felt and what the landscape and surroundings truly looked like.

The book is a sailing person's dream....a lot of seafaring terms and fun details for folks who enjoy being on board a ship/boat.   The beautiful landscape of Tahiti was also well described, along with some mystery and, of course, romance.  The mystery was trying to determine what the real motive of the ship’s owner was.  He wasn’t around too often and didn’t really check on the crew. 

I enjoyed the book and especially the feeling of being there on the beautiful island of was a "book" vacation.

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