Saturday, April 23, 2011

Don't Breathe a Word by Jennifer McMahon

I don't know exactly, but the book warns not to cross them.  The fairies can grant wishes, bring good luck, but if you get on their bad side...."  Page 219

Phoebe received a phone call asking to inform Sam to look in the attic in the crawl space.  When Phoebe delivered the message, Sam knew what he would find.....the book his missing sister of 15 years had left there before she disappeared.

More strange happenings occurred after the phone call and after finding the book.   When Sam and friends went on a camping trip....someone resembling Lisa appeared at their door singing a familiar song; then that same person broke into the cabin even though none of the doors or windows had been tampered with. 

The camping trip then turned into a true nightmare....the campers were being accused of holding someone hostage and of not actually occupying the cabin.   To make matters worse, a note on their car had the same picture that was on one of their camping companion's was of Teilo, The King of the Fairies. 

When Sam and Phoebe arrived home from the camping trip, their house had been ransacked, but nothing had been taken....were they looking for the book?  About a week later, Teilo also ransacked their friend Evie's place.
As Phoebe found things out about Lisa's disappearance in Reliance, a town that has nothing left but foundations, more strange facts surfaced about the disappearance and of Lisa and Evie's childhood friendship.  She even found things out about Sam that she really didn't want to know.  Another phone call came from a girl/woman that urged Sam to meet her in the woods at their usual childhood place in Reliance.  Things got a lot more involved after this most recent phone call.

The book went back and forth from present-day events to events that took place 15 years ago when Lisa disappeared.  The book was intense and mostly about changelings, how fairies live, and the puzzle that needed to be solved....the puzzle was:  Where had Lisa been for 15 years, and were there really fairies doing all this damage and mind control? 

Even though this isn't my genre of choice the book's premise did get you hooked as you continued reading. 

You will find out that fairies are not a very nice sort of people. The book was somewhat “creepy.” 

This is one of the last entries in a Book of Fairies…it will show you the eeriness of the book. 

“If you have read this book all the way to the end, you know the truth.  We are here, walking among you.  We are stronger, faster, smarter.  We walk with silent footsteps.  We can see into your dreams.  And we lie.  Always remember that we lie.”  4/5


  1. Hope you like the is somewhat eerie as I mentioned.

  2. I figured this one was creepy with that cover. I'm glad to see it's so good.

  3. This author seems to be able to mix genres well.

    I have one of her books but haven't read it yet. I will have to read this one as I enjoy creepy.

  4. I've read several books by this author and enjoyed them so I must add this to me list. Nice review.

  5. LOL, I was going to comment on the creepy cover also.

  6. Oh, it does sound creepy but in a kind of fun way!

  7. Love this book. Great review.

  8. I wanted to review this book - but it was so popular that I got rejected! Oh well its not like I don't have enough to read.

    Your header looks just like Whitby England. I take its from Scotland?
    It is blinking cold in the UK!