Friday, April 1, 2011

Ghellow Road by T. H Waters

Ghellow Road tells the story of Theresa’s life from childhood to teenage is a sad, interesting read about family relationships. 

The book takes the reader into the world of a child of a depressed mother, a patient, loving father, and a childhood that was anything but normal. Each time her mother was hospitalized, her father would have Grandma take care of them....all except one time, and she and her brother didn't know why.   Dad had always been fun and upbeat until he lost his teaching job.  What else could happen to the once-happy family?

A lot did happen to Theresa in her young life, but somehow she coped.  She never did get used to her mother's leaving, returning, and then leaving again.  It always left a hole in Theresa's heart.  Luckily she was a strong person and could cope with all the ups and downs and the living conditions she had to endure during her mother's absences.

The book is superbly written and definitely heartbreaking, but opens your eyes to many life situations.   I really enjoyed the book and was amazed at Theresa's resiliency and coping mechanisms. 

The author, who actually is the character in the book, graciously sent me her book, and I am honored and happy that I have read it.  

My review doesn't do justice to the book, but you definitely need to read Theresa’s story to appreciate its depth and to feel the characters’ emotions.


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