Thursday, June 14, 2012

Skewered Halo by Brenda Youngerman

A bad childhood, a horrible college experience, an accusation of being a murderer, a bad marriage, and then losing could one person be that ill-fated.

Diane Newsome was doomed the day she was born....her sister told her she was adopted and she better not cause any problems or her parents would put her out with the trash.  So she wouldn't get in trouble, Diane kept to herself even in her home and didn't ask for anything from her parents.  She just studied and kept out of sight.  The studying paid off, but her social awkwardness definitely didn't. 
Unbelievable things happened to Diane just because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time....or was she not in the wrong place at the wrong time but in a planned place at a planned time?

This book was definitely a ride.  It had everything a good mystery should have:  evil murderers, perfect situations, perfect scenarios, twists and turns, and an ending that is totally unexpected. The intrigue and drama were so well choreographed that you had no clue about the ending.

This is the first book I have read of Ms. Youngerman's, and it definitely won't be the last.  The storyline flowed beautifully with outstanding characters and characters that were unbelievable.  Diane's mother and her sister Brittany were the most unbelievable characters because of their could someone be so narrow-minded as well as evil.  

The book isn't very long, but there is a great story packed in the 230 pages.  This is definitely a mystery you won't want to miss.  5/5

Author Bio
Brenda Youngerman writes about stories that matter. A southern California native coming from a very large family where she never felt like she fit in. “I was the youngest member of a huge family and I never really felt like I belonged there.”
Her first novel, Private Scars, was an expose of what happens to a victim of domestic abuse when they have never been exposed to it. From the moment the first review came out Youngerman realized her calling… that of the voice of the victims.. those who don’t have the strength to speak for themselves. Since Private Scars (2006), Youngerman has published a novel a year, each one exposing another social issue that those in power choose not to discuss. “If one person is helped by one of my novels, that is a good day.”
Skewered Halo takes a look at the filth behind sibling rivalry that goes unnoticed by inattentive parents. Brenda is currently at work at her eighth and ninth novel (simultaneously). 

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  2. Great book.

    I hope you get to read it.

  3. I love that you loved this book.... especially since I consider us friends and we've known each other so long without you reading any of my writing!
    Thank you for such a great review and for visiting the other tour stops!