Monday, February 16, 2015

Review and Giveaway of Doctor Death by Lene Kaaberbol


A disappearance, a dead body and then other dead bodies.  What caused the deaths? Was it murder, a natural death, or something else?

It is the 1800's, and medical procedures aren't very sophisticated, but Madeleine Karno wants to learn about medical procedures even though it was not lady-like to see or to take part in the medical field.

Meanwhile, someone was murdering town folks and mutilating them with human teeth bites. Madeleine was required to help even though her father wasn't happy, but she definitely was.

DOCTOR DEATH was a bit slow at first, but once the reader is taken to the convent and other murders happen, DOCTOR DEATH unveils hidden secrets of the town and the book's characters. I love secrets, doesn't everyone, though?

DOCTOR DEATH went from learning about medical procedures to solving multiple murders to an odd ending.

The book was very different in terms of content and a bit confusing.  Great characters, though.  Even though the ending was  odd, it did wrap things up.

I enjoyed the read, but it isn't a favorite just because of the slow beginning, confusion about who was who and what was going on, and the odd ending.  3/5

This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation by the publisher in return for an honest review. 


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  1. Have you entered the giveaway?

    Thanks for stopping, and have a good day.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for stopping, pilch92.

      It was an ok read...not bad.

  3. Thank you for the honest review - bit disappointing it was an average read for you.

    Benish | Feminist Reflections

    1. Thanks...I like to tell my honest opinion. :)

      Thanks for stopping, Benish.

  4. Hi Elizabeth,

    I love the sound of this book, but unfortunately reviews overall have been very mixed and as I trust your judgement, I'm probably not too bothered that I am ineligible for the giveaway.

    I recently read a great story set in the 1800's, about the infancy of forensic medecine, which I am certain you commented on at some stage, although I have yet to post the final review. 'The Devil's Ribbon' was really very good, if this is a genre you want to explore.

    Sorry you were a little disappointed by 'Doctor Death' (the title itself isn't really very inspiring) and I hope that your latest read is a little more satisfying.

    Thanks for an honest appraisal.


    1. It was a bit disappointing. Too difficult to follow.

      I do like to give my honest opinion so I don't lose my credibility. I appreciate that you trust my judgment. THANKS.

      Thanks for stopping, Yvonne.

  5. What a shame that it was slow and confusing. I hope your next book is a much more enjoyable one for you.

    1. Thanks, Sharon.

      My next read was good.

      Thanks for stopping.

  6. "Confusing" is not something I usually do well with.

    1. I couldn't keep the characters straight or the plot until the end.

      Thanks for stopping, Carol.

  7. Thanks for your honest review, Elizabeth! I am excited about my audiobook win--thank you!! :)

    1. You are welcome...CONGRATS!!

      I expect reviewers to be honest in their reviews and I do the same. If not, what good is my credibility, right? :)

      Thanks for stopping, Suko.

  8. I still need to put my review up - I had planned for Tuesday but went a different direction :)

    1. Yeah....I looked for your review. :)

      It was ok for me as you can see. Nothing great.

      Thanks for stopping, Sheila.