Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Beautiful Bad by Annie Ward

Maddie and Joanna had been friends since they met in Spain.

What happened, though?

Joanna and Maddie have lost touch, Maddie married Ian, and now we come upon a 911 call as the first page of BEAUTIFUL BAD opens.

We follow from when Maddie meets Ian overseas and when Ian and Maddie are married.

The chapters are labeled in years as well as weeks before the 911 call.

As you read, subtle hints were given to the underlying tension and the situations that caused everything to fall apart and turn into murder.  

Joanna seemed pretty volatile, jealous, and dangerous.

Ian seemed to have some problems with women, had secrets, and seemed dangerous.

Fiona seemed as if she could fly off the handle for any reason.  She was also jealous of Ian.

Maddie seemed to be the weak character and the most gullible, or was she?

So many characters to wonder who made the 911 call and who the attacker was.

The BEFORE-the-day-of-the-killing chapters weren't that interesting to me even though they were the lead up to everything.

There are some frightening situations throughout the book including details of the 911 scene, bizarre happenings, and abuse.

If you enjoy a many-chapter wait for the final scene, BEAUTIFUL BAD will be a book you will enjoy.  The ending did turn out to be a surprise.

BEAUTIFUL BAD was good, but I wasn't wanting to rush back to it.    3.5/5

This book was given to me as an ARC by the publisher via BookishFirst in exchange for an honest review.


  1. Let me know what you think if you have read BEAUTIFUL BAD.

    Thanks for stopping.

  2. Oh, that blow to getting books read when you don't want to rush back to reading!

  3. Thanks for sharing. I'll probably pass on this one, as I am bored with books that I am not eager to get back to reading. LOL

    1. I think you would feel the same way.

      Thanks for commenting, Laurel.

  4. I am going to bypass this one because of your review. Thanks!

  5. The premise sounds good but it doesn't sound like you were drawn into the book.

    1. It wasn't a draw in for sure.

      Thanks for commenting, Kathy.

  6. Hi Elizabeth,

    Oh Dear! You probably wouldn't enjoy the book I am reading now then. It has many many chapters, alternating between two time zones and the narrative is all about the build up to the end game, which I have yet to get to.

    I am loving the format and the descriptive dialogue and I just know that there is going to be another twist in the tale before the end!

    I like the cover of 'Beautiful Bad' and with no disrespect to you, or any of your other commenters, I definitely want to give this one a go at reading for myself.

    You dealt with the review beautifully and very thoughtfully, thanks for sharing and I hope that you enjoy your next book a little more :)


    1. Your book sounds like Beautiful Bad. It wasn't a bad read, but it just dragged for me.

      ENJOY if you read Beautiful Bad...no disrespect taken. :)

      Thanks about how I dealt with the review, and thanks for commenting, Yvonne.