Thursday, February 4, 2021

The Last Tiara by M. J. Rose

What is the mystery behind a tiara obtained in Russia?

This mystery is the main focus of the book.

We meet mother and daughter in different years.

Sofiya is a nurse in an infirmary for wounded soldiers during the war in Russia in 1915. She takes care of one of the soldiers and falls in love.  She also has many secrets her daughter, Isobelle, wants to find the answers to.
Her daughter, Isobelle, finds a tiara hidden in the wall of her mother’s bedroom, and Isobelle's curiosity begins the search for answers of why and how it got there.

THE LAST TIARA goes back and forth with background information of Isobelle’s mother and Isobelle’s present-day search in 1948.
I wasn’t really thrilled with the mother’s story.  It was difficult to get interested in even though it was this background information that was needed to solve the tiara’s mystery.
I did enjoy Isobelle’s search for the mystery of the tiara.

My only complaint is that even though THE LAST TIARA had a good story line, it was quite wordy.

I struggled through some of the chapters, but the ending brought my rating from a 3/5 to a 4/5.

The unraveling of the mystery is worth wading through the extra wordy chapters.

Fans of art, the history of Russia and its royal family, and their jewels will enjoy this book.

And how about that gorgeous cover? 4/5
This book was given to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


  1. This is one of the books scheduled from the previous week for me to read. Thanks for this review.

    1. I hope you enjoy it when you read it.

      Thanks for your comment, Mystica.

  2. I do love when a book redeems itself in the end.

  3. Great review. You are so of history and art would love this book

  4. Sound like another good one from MJ Rose. Sometimes I think authors need to fill a quota of words for publication. I'm glad the ending was good!

    1. Yes. The ending was redeeming. 😍

      Thanks for commenting, Laurel.