Wednesday, June 1, 2022

The Wedding Dress Sewing Circle by Jennifer Ryan

Three women connected by love, war, family, and sewing.

We meet Cressida who owns a fashion design house but has to go back to her family home since her shop was bombed, Violet who is her niece and who was conscripted, and Grace who is engaged to a vicar.

We follow the lives of these three women.

All three join a wartime sewing circle.  Grace is in need of someone to help her repair her mother's wedding dress and is thrilled to hopefully have someone to help.

Since clothing rations are limited to what types of cloth they can use for clothing, Cressida agrees to fix Grace's dress since she loves doing that and has the talent with any fabric.  All the women join in and start a "share your wedding dress with others" campaign.

So enjoyed learning about this...the "sharing" did happen during the war.

THE WEDDING DRESS SEWING CIRCLE is as cozy as the cover and has characters that you will love and characters that will show you how to have compassion, how to not give up on what you want, and how women gather together for support and to help one another and others.

A lovely read and another historical fact I was not aware of...enjoy!!  5/5

This book was given to me by the publisher via Netgalley for an honest review.


  1. Such a wonderful book and such a gorgeous cover.

    Thanks for stopping. I hope you get to read it.

  2. Great review.
    Sounds very good.

    1. Yes....totally enjoyable and so good.

      Thanks for stopping and for commenting, Linda.

  3. I have fond memories of sewing circles, as my mom belonged to one and she let me come along with her, mostly to watch. And listen to the conversations! I'm eager to read this one.

    1. What wonderful memories and lovely experience, Laurel.

      This is a very touching book that I think you will love.

      ENJOY, and thanks for commenting,

  4. Lovely review Elizabeth, especially like that last paragraph. My copy arrived yesterday as I pre ordered it. Looking forward to the read.

    1. ENJOY, Kathryn.

      Thank you about my review and the last paragraph.