Friday, October 14, 2011

While I Was Learning to Become God by Roxana Jones

A beautifully written and detailed book.  A story that will make you feel as though you are actually living that specific moment with Sybil. 

You will find out about Sybil's unhappy, overly protected childhood and how she dealt with it all and how it affected her entire life.  You will find out about the angel Sybil listened to and the angel she doubted as she got older.  Her strong-willed mother, loveless childhood, and times of poverty definitely affected her life decisions.

Despite any setbacks in her life, though, she managed to find her inner peace.

This quote early in the book sums up the emotional state of the book.  It is an enjoyable read as well as a heart wrenching and soul searching book.

Page 16 - "It was the beginning of her emotional relationship with people other than the family she'd been born into.  Aura was the first person who hurt her.  From her, she would learn about bitterness and frustration, about the failure of some human beings to see that hate is only an inch from love, and that we have in us the power to join them or keep them apart."

If you want a book that will make you think and listen to your inner yourself, you will want to read Sybil's story.



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