Friday, December 7, 2012

One Eyed Jack by Christopher J. Lynch

Click on the book cover to watch a video of what will be coming your way in the book.
No one wants to be a blackmailer, but someone has to do it, and One-Eyed Jack was the master.

This book is entertaining right from the first sentence.  You will be drawn in by the humor, the creative writing approach, and of course the subject matter. 

Jack always would be the blackmailing master, but then he came across a situation that needed his blackmailing skills as well as intense detective work which he was also used to and good at. This case was one he had to help with and knew he could.  He would get Bill Batty and his crew no matter what.  But....what if someone else decided to get in on the deal?  That could get quite dangerous.

You will thoroughly enjoy "Jack".....a very likable character despite his dirty deeds. Underneath, though, he was one of the good guys.  You will follow Jack through his days of investigation, his personal sacrifices, his hideouts, his creative plotting, and he will amaze you with what technology is out there to spy on others...makes me want to keep my computer turned off and not let my cell phone out of my sight. 

This book is a quick, funny, enjoyable, tense-at-time read with a great plot.  A lot of research had to go into it unless the author is a tech wizard and just intrinsically knows all about these things.  Don't miss this was a delightful, entertaining, creative read with a great main character....thanks, Jack.  Mr. Lynch is working on a sequel.

This e-book was given to me free of charge without compensation by the author in exchange for an honest review.


  1. Great read!!

    Hope you get to enjoy the e-book.

  2. This book does sound great. From the cover, it looks more serious! Thanks for your review.

  3. I'm not familiar with this author and the book does sound good!
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  4. thanks for linking this in Elizabeth. Cheers

  5. I wouldn't have guessed by the book cover that this book was such a fun read!

  6. This sounds like a compelling read.

  7. Thanks for sharing. I had not heard of this one. Hope you have a great week!
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