Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Time is a River by Mary Alice Monroe

Time for everyone is measured in different ways....a river was the way to measure time for Mia and the Watkins family who made the town famous.

Mia had just survived a breast cancer ordeal without the support of her husband and was on a retreat for survivors.  She had a wonderful time and wanted to hurry home early to share the news with her husband, but she came home to a very unpleasant sight.  Her husband was in bed with another woman.  Mia tearfully rushed back to the retreat and was offered the use of a cabin
by the retreat's leader, Belle, in the town of Watkins Mills.  This cabin was the best thing that happened to her...well one of a few best things.  The cabin and the town helped her find confidence again as well as love.

The cabin wasn't exactly luxury, though, but Mia worked with it and made it her piece of saving grace.  In the cabin Mia found diaries and paintings belonging to Kate Watkins, the original owner who was believed to have murdered her lover.  Mia began a new investigation of the 80-year-old murder, and the investigation became Mia's quest to find the truth for herself, the town, and for Belle, even though Belle didn't want her to investigate.  Mia also found peace, love, new friends, and tranquility as her stay at the cabin continued longer than she had expected.  She loved this small town and loved how it helped her get back to her old self.

I enjoyed this book because of the mystery as well as the description of living in a cabin in woods, the wonderful descriptions of the landscape, and feeling the presence of a person who lived there before. This book had intrigue and made me think about my ancestors.  The only thing that was tedious was when the author talked about fly fishing in detail...not too interesting.....well not to me.  :)

If you like a mystery, finding hidden treasures, reading old diaries, solving old murder cases, gossip, and a sweet love story, you will like TIME IS A RIVER.  4/5

This was a book chosen by one of my book clubs.


  1. An oldie but a goodie. Well, not that old, but it is a goodie. :)

    Don't let the fly fishing excerpts stop you from reading.

    The book will make you think about life.

  2. I love Mary Alice Monroe and her writing but haven't read this book yet. I have a feeling she'd make me like reading about fly fishing!

  3. I love reading books about people living in the woods--but wouldn't want to attempt it myself. I could even get into fly fishing! I think it's a Zen activity.

  4. I love books with good descriptions.

  5. It looks good so I shared it on Google+. I am going to recommend it to my friend Cynthia. She would LOVE this. Thanks for the review.

  6. Sounds like a good story, although I have a hard time with stories about women who can so quickly find love after a betrayal from their mates. It takes a long time to heal from that.