Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Sholes Key by Clarissa Draper

The cover pulled me in, the characters kept me reading, and the plot had me guessing until the end. 

Two types of murder investigations were going on at once...one was an investigation of serial killings of single mothers and then a married author, and the other investigation was one dealing with a terrorist ring blowing up sites.  The murders of young, single mothers who loved to read seemed to be the main theme.  

Lots of twists and turns that will keep you guessing as to who the killer really is.  But.....why was Sophia being targeted by the serial killer when she wasn't even a mother, and how did the killer know where she lived now and where she lived as a child. Could it be that the killer only wanted her attention or was he relying and testing her cryptogram skills to solve things?

The book was somewhat confusing as to what was going on and a little difficult to follow at times, but the characters were well developed and appealing...a few had depth and mystery themselves. 

I enjoyed trying to solve the "key" the killer left as a clue and the "key" they needed to find the killer because it was connected to the QWERTY Keyboard....very clever on the author's part.  All in all it was a good storyline, but since it was confusing and somewhat disconnected, I am going to rate the book a 4/5. 

This book was given to me free of charge by the publisher in return for an honest review.


  1. I loved the cover, and the author had a clever idea using the QWERTY Keyboard for her book.

    Did you know Christohper Latham Sholes invented the QWERTY keyboard that we all know and use today?

    THANKS for stopping by.

  2. Replies
    1. I enjoyed it and LOVED the typewriter.

      Thanks for your comment, Ann.

  3. The QWERTY key clues does make for an interesting mystery. It sounds like an original plot.

    1. I LOVED the QWERTY mystery.

      Thanks for your comment, Laura.

  4. This cover would pull me in too, such a lovely old typewriter. I liked your other entry on this book too, the teaser one...

    1. Thanks, Clothes in Books, and thanks for your comment.

  5. Loving that the title. premise and cover art, all hang together so well.

    Even better that it is the first book in a new series. so wouldn't have to play too much 'catch up'!

    Just a shame that it isn't on NetGalley or one of the other freebie sites, but still considering adding it to my list.

    Thanks for the review and recommendation.
    Hope that all is well with you :)


    1. ENJOY if you read it, Yvonne.

      I know you will like it.

      Thanks for your lovely comment.