Friday, December 4, 2015

A Month of Faves December Blog Event - 12/4/15

Choosing FAVES of the Week....

Thanks to these ladies for the month of fun:

 Tanya @ Girlxoxo 

 Andi @ Estella’s Revenge

 Tamara @ Traveling With T
I have to apologize that I forgot to write down my FAVES, but I definitely saw a lot of posts that were very noteworthy.

And I visited EVERY BLOG on the linky.

To me the posts were noteworthy because bloggers had books listed along with amazing photos of their year.

I need to spruce up my posts.  Mine were not that good.  Not in that creative of a mood I guess.


  1. I think it's AWESOME that you visited everyone! Great community spirit. <3

    1. Thank you, Andi.

      I love to see what everyone posted. If a fellow blogger takes the time to post, I think the courteous thing to do is visit. :)

      And - I agree. Great community spirit.

      Thanks for stopping, Andi.

  2. What I find amazing about your blog is how much you post! If it weren't for this Month of Faves, I think I only manage one or two a week!

    1. Normally I only post four a week with the memes on Monday and Friday.

      I have had a lot of giveaways the past few months.

      There are three giveaways going on at this time.

      Thanks so much for the comment about my blog being amazing. So nice of you.

      Thanks for stopping, olduvaireads.