Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Giveaway and Spotlight of Landslide by Melissa Leet

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Celebrating LANDSLIDE by Melissa Leet with a SPOTLIGHT and GIVEAWAY
Landslide showcases the power of resilience and combines the best aspects of a romance novel, a saga of family life, and an epic adventure story.
About The Book:

Landslide is the story of Jill and her lifelong friend, Susie, who grow up in a remote mountain garden. The Garden's realm has many rooms, each a showcase of designs by Jill's mother. When tragedy strikes in the Garden, how does a child find the resilience to go on? Alternating between Jill's childhood and adult life, Landslide depicts the adventure that happens when life is lived full out, regardless of consequences. As the girls come of age, mature, and find love, the Garden is a constant, reverberating through their psyches and in their hearts. Teeming with poignancy, humor, and love, Landslide is a resplendent exploration of resurgence, and the truth that even death can reveal paths as wondrous as those created by life.
About the Author:

Born and raised outside of San Francisco, Melissa Leet currently lives in Chicago with her husband Ken, her youngest son James, and their lovely Golden Retriever Neo. Her older children, Christopher, Dillon and William, are scattered across the U.S., attending university. When not in Chicago, Melissa is often out in the Wyoming wilds hiking, biking, and kayaking. Prior to living in Chicago, Melissa resided in London, and for shorter times in Paris and Madrid. She holds a BA from Smith College, an MBA from Columbia University, and an MA from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London. She is the founder of Chinafolio, a think tank which conducts research on China's development and its place in the changing international order.


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  1. It sounds like awesome and I love to get eBooks download online and it sounds really so cool. I am so excited to read the story.