Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Giveaway and Spotlight of Vox by Christina Dalcher

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Celebrating The Release Of

By Christina Dalcher
Praise for VOX:
One of Entertainment Weekly's and SheReads' books to read after The Handmaid's Tale
One of Good Morning America's "Best Books to Bring to the Beach This Summer"
About The Book:

An electrifying and urgent new dystopia, VOX is a must-read for fans of The Handmaid’s Tale and “Black Mirror.”

Humans speak 16,000 words per day on average.


What if women were forbidden to speak more than 100?


What if the penalty for exceeding that quota was pain?


That’s the premise of this important, compulsively readable new novel.


In VOX, the change began with a renewed reverence for traditional gender roles. Amplified by the charismatic voice of Reverend Carl, the Pure Woman movement found sure footing in a divided country. With the Reverend delivering votes, a new president was elected. By the time their agenda became clear, each woman and girl had a word counter on her left wrist: 100 words a day, with increasingly intense shocks administered for every word over.

Dr. Jean McClellan was a neurolinguistics before she—and all women—were removed from the workforce. She spent most of her life leaving the protests and politics to others while she developed a cure for aphasia. But when the president’s brother suffers brain damage in a ski accident, Jean is recruited to continue her work in exchange for her—and her daughter’s—reprieve from the quota.

However, Jean soon discovers that her research is intended for something far more ambitious and sinister than she could have ever imagined.

A novel of riveting suspense and shattering questions, VOX is a story about language as the basis of our humanity—and what happens when that language is taken away. The book has already generated major media attention in Entertainment Weekly, Vanity Fair, ABC News online, and more.
About the Author:

Christina Dalcher earned her doctorate in theoretical linguistics from Georgetown University. She specializes in the phonetics of sound change in Italian and British dialects and has taught at several universities. 

Her short stories and flash fiction appear in over one hundred journals worldwide. Recognitions include the Bath Flash Award's Short List, nominations for The Pushcart Prize, and multiple other awards. She teaches flash fiction as a member of the faculty at The Muse Writers Center in Norfolk, Virginia.

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  1. Could you only speak 100 words a day?

    I certainly could not.

    Good luck, and thanks for stopping.

  2. Vox sounds like an interesting and disturbing book. Thank you for hosting this giveaway. I will share it in my blog's sidebar.

  3. Thanks, Suko, and thanks for commenting.