Friday, October 2, 2020

I Know What I Saw by S.K. Sharp

Nicola was gifted with an extraordinary memory, but was it a gift?

Things vividly popped up from her past with details that would have been totally forgotten by most.

​​After 37 years, a body is found, and Nicola is asked to remember what happened that night since her ex husband is accused.  

He needs her for an alibi.​​  She is not sure her recollection will free him, but she told what she remembered whether the police believe her or not.

​​I KNOW WHAT I SAW went back and forth from Nicola’s life as a teenager to today’s investigation.​​

I thought the teenage chapters were a bit too much and not that interesting, but even the current-day chapters were not that enticing.  ​​

The book was actually a bit confusing as to who the characters were and how they were related.​​

The story line was good, but it would have been better had it not dragged out so much even though the background information was necessary. ​​

Hinting that Nicola didn’t tell everything to the police kept me going along with wanting to know what really happened to Declan’s father that night and who the killer was.​​

​​I still can’t give it a higher rating even though it got good around 80%. 

It just took too long to get there. 3/5​

This book was given to me by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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  2. I almost took this one but changed my mind. Very nice review.

    1. Thanks about my review, and thanks for your comment, Linda.

  3. Oh, too bad about the confusing elements.

    1. It was a very good story line, but confusing.

      Thanks for your comment, Laurel.