Wednesday, May 11, 2022

The Shadow of Memory by Connie Berry

Could a murder from 60 years ago when Will, Vivian, and other friends were teenagers resurface and have them in danger?

Will was murdered as he was on his way to see Vivian, but no one is really sure what he was going to tell her.

Vivian's friend Kate finds out from Will's son that he had received a package that contained a piece he used when they played Cluedo those sixty years ago.  Vivian remembered they each had a game piece.

Kate is an art dealer and very interested in the 60-year-old murder since a few other friends received packages with game pieces. This means danger for Vivian and the other friends.   Vivian isn't sure how to get in touch with all the other teenage friends, though, but someone does.

Knowing Will was murdered after receiving that package and that others received packages too made Kate and Vivian nervous.

Another question and perhaps a problem is if a painting Kate is determining its value for may be connected to the murder as well as the person who bought Monkey Puzzle House.

Why would someone want to restore a house where a murder took place? Are they looking for clues as they tear the place apart and murdering those who knew something from 60 years ago?

This was my first book by Miss Barry and the first time I met Kate as a recurring character.

An enjoyable, non-violent mystery with very likable characters and a wonderful lesson about paintings, understanding how to determine their worth, and learning how they could be forged.  5/5

This book was given to me by the publisher for an honest review.

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