Monday, October 17, 2022

The Italian Daughter by Soraya Lane

My grandmother was a ballerina in La Scala, and I am in Italy making wine and enjoying the vineyards?

Lily couldn’t believe it. She also couldn’t believe that her grandmother may have been adopted and was a Prima Ballerina.

We meet Estee in 1937 and Lily present day as Lily tries to find about her family's past.

She had some clues from a box she received that was
addressed to her grandmother found at a home for unwed mothers.

Was her grandmother the one who was adopted or the one who had a baby out of wedlock.

And…how is she going to find out anything about her grandmother with the few clues she has from the box...a recipe for a chocolate dessert and the name of a theater, La Scala Academy.

When Lily went to Italy and stopped in a bakery with the recipe, the recipe definitely caused a stir when she showed it to the owner of the bakery.  

In fact, the owner was furious that Lily had a copy of this recipe that she said has been kept secret for decades.

Want to find out the connection between the recipe, the bakery owner, and La Scala and why the bakery owner was not happy?  THE ITALIAN DAUGHTER has all the answers for you.

A lovely read set in romantic Italy…and this book definitely doesn’t lack romance.  :)

Loved it….you will cheer and cry along with the characters. 5/5

This book was given to me by Bookouture via NetGalley for an honest review.



  1. Very nice review.
    I loved this book so much.

  2. I enjoyed it too. This author lives down in our South Island so I like to support her by reading some of her books.