Thursday, October 23, 2014

Cattle Kate by Jana Bommersbach

Westward Ho!!

Cattle Kate was a delicately raised rule follower, but she had to break away, and break away she did.

Ella Watson's story is creatively told and keeps your interest from the first page.  "Taming" the west really wasn't for women was it?  ​Even though it may not have been for women, homesteading is what Ella did, and what left Ella hanging from a rope at the ripe old age of 29.

I really did enjoy CATTLE KATE. Ms. Bommersbach did a great deal of research and turned ​her research into quite a fascinating​, splendid​ book. The ending pages document dates and times​, and these are even categorized in an organized, unique way with wonderful detail.

Learning about the West and how the Wyoming Territory became settled will keep you turning the pages and wanting to find out how Ellla actually lived and what turned people against her and her husband.

​If you like fiction at its best, don't miss reading CATTLE KATE.  You will get a little bit of everything to appreciate and delight in.  4/5

This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation by the publisher in return for an honest review.​


  1. A change from your normal read. It will keep your interest.

  2. It's such fun when a good historical fiction read takes you to a completely different time and place, isn't it? Sounds like it was a great read for you.

  3. It was a fun read.

    I felt bad for the character, but I enjoyed the book.

    Thanks for stopping, Leila.

  4. Elizabeth: Thank you so very much for those kind and generous words about my Cattle Kate. Obviously, you fell in love with Ella as I did, and mourn what happened to her. You know, when I started writing this book, I thought I was writing about a great injustice. It was only when I got thoroughly into it that I realized I was really writing about a courageous and brave woman. I had an interesting moment as I was finishing this book. I was trying to write a summary and wrote, "And now, in the 125th anniversary of her murder, Ella Watson gets to tell her own story." That was supposed to be the end of the sentence, but my fingers than typed, "And if Ella Watson could, she'd say, 'it's about time!'" I laughed out loud wondering where the hell that came from! Again, thanks so much for caring about this book and for doing an excellent blog that encourages people to read!!! Jana Bommersbach

  5. And...thank you very much, Jana, for stopping by.

    I love what happened to your fingers. :)

  6. Sounds different, and I like different!

  7. Thanks for stopping.

    The Wild West was VERY interesting.

    Thanks for stopping, Vicki.