Monday, March 21, 2022

Spotlight of Even The Dog Knows by Jason F. Wright


Even the Dog Knows is a story about a family’s old, beloved dog who takes a final road trip to help his humans find forgiveness and healing.
This book was released on March 3rd 2022.


“Jason has gone back to his roots. Even the Dog Knows is a compelling relationships story of secrets and second chances, hurt and healing, doubts and detours. But above all this fast-paced road trip journey is about what matters most—family.”—Glenn Beck, Nationally Syndicated Radio Host and Founder

"Outstanding and brilliant. This heartfelt story is packed with laughter and tears and takes readers on the road trip of a lifetime, reminding us of the most important things in life. Sure to be an instant classic that cries out for repeated binge reading." —Rebecca Connolly, author of A Brilliant Night of Stars and Ice

 "Jason Wright's new masterpiece is an example of how family, love and friendship can save us in times of great woe and trouble. EVEN THE DOG KNOWS delivers twists and turns within a heartfelt tale that teaches us how to work through our most harrowing times. Here's the quick takeaway—read it!" —Herb Scribner, Deseret News 

"Join a team of relatable flawed characters who will quickly feel like family along this hopeful journey of regret, reconciliation, and the chance to find beauty through grief and love through loss. As readers have come to expect from Jason F. Wright's novels, this latest tale, EVEN THE DOG KNOWS, keeps the curveballs coming until the very end." —Josette Keelor, The Northern Virginia Daily 

"Takes you on a literal road trip of a struggling family who’s dealing with heart-aching loss. Readers will become immersed in the lives of Gary and Meg, their grandson Troy, and their dog Moses who brings healing, second chances, and forgiveness to the family. A delightful and poignant read that will remain with you long after the final page.”—Heather B. Moore, USA Today bestselling author 

 "Themes of forgiveness, faith, and grace make Even the Dog Knows a good addition to a robust inspiration-fiction collection." —Booklist

 "A series of mishaps and misadventures follows a motley crew as they travel to Gulf Breeze, Florida, aboard a baseball team bus. Meanwhile, in Gulf Breeze, the object of their journey has a few surprises to share which will make the destination meaningful and worthwhile." —Gulf Breeze News



A family’s old, beloved dog takes a final road trip to help his humans find forgiveness and healing. Meg Gorton finds herself alone and lonely in Florida. Three years earlier, she had packed what she could fit into her sister’s car and asked her estranged husband, Gary, to take care of Moses, their beloved black Labrador. Things between Meg and Gary hadn’t been the same after the loss of their only daughter many years ago. Even after raising their grandson, Troy, it was clear that if Meg wanted a new beginning, she would have to do it alone.

Haunted by the tragedy of his daughter’s death, Gary is stuck in his life in Woodstock, Virginia. He still owns and drives the bus for their hometown minor league baseball team, and he still thinks about the day his wife drove away.

Everything changes when Meg contacts Gary with a request to bring Moses to visit her one last time before the old dog passes on. Gary is reluctant, but Troy thinks it’s an excellent idea. They could even travel together in Gary’s bus. Along the way, Gary takes a detour to visit Troy’s ex-girlfriend, Grace. Gary might not know how to fix things with his wife, but he knows he doesn’t want Troy to make the same mistakes he did.

Although Moses is just a dog, he’s very observant. It doesn’t take long for him to figure out they are going on to see Meg. He knows he’s an old dog and that his time is near, but he also knows his family needs his help.

Even the Dog Knows is a novel that will take readers on a thousand-mile journey to find forgiveness, understanding, healing, and the meaning of true and lasting love.




JASON F. WRIGHT is a New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-selling author. He is also the host of the popular podcast Wright Where You Are. He writes an occasional column, which as appeared in over one hundred newspapers, magazines and websites across the United States including the Washington Times, the Northern Virginia Daily, the Chicago Tribune, the Deseret News, Forbes,, and others.

Jason grew up in Charlottesville, Virginia, but has also lived in Germany, Illinois, Brazil, Oregon and Utah. In 2007, while researching Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley for a novel, Jason fell so in love with the area that he moved his family to Woodstock. He is married to Kodi Erekson Wright. They have two girls and two boys they love, and two grandchildren they love even more.

To invite Jason to your book club, school, church, conference or other event, connect online:,,

You can also reach Jason through a handwritten letter: PO Box 669, Woodstock, VA 22664. He answers—eventually!—every single one.

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